• Are agents required to be certified by the National Football League in order to negotiate player contracts?
    Yes, any individual wishing to conduct contract negotiations with respect to an NFL player contract must be certified as a “Contract Advisor” pursuant to the regulations set forth by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).


  • How can I reach the NFLPA to research or discuss a particular agent?
    You may contact the NFLPA’s Agent Administration Department at:NFLPA’s Agent Administration Department
    1133 20th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20036
    Telephone: 800 372-2000
    Email: nflpaagentservices@nflplayers.com


  • Are there currently any complaints or charges pending against anyone in your firm regarding conduct as a sports agent, attorney or as a member of any professional organization?


  • What is the fee for negotiating an NFL contract?
    The maximum agent fee is 3% of the total amount of compensation a player receives under the contract.


  • Do you offer financial planning and tax services in addition to negotiating contracts and endorsement deals?
    We do not provide these services directly but can and will assist clients in choosing reputable advisors in these areas. We feel that it is in the best interests of our clients to receive advice in these areas from independent advisors.


  • Are all of the agents at Yee & Dubin Sports attorneys?
    Yes. All agents have at least 5+ years of legal experience.


  • How many years of experience does Yee & Dubin Sports have in the NFL?
    Over 25 years.


  • When does a college player become eligible for the NFL Draft?
    Article 6 Section 2(b) of the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement states that players are eligible for the Draft after “three NFL regular seasons have begun and ended following either the player’s graduation from high school or graduation of the class with which he entered high school, whichever is earlier.”  This means that college players who have completed their red-shirt sophomore year or true junior year of college may be permitted to apply for selection in the Draft.  Players who have exhausted their college eligibility are automatically eligible for the draft and do not have to apply for selection in the Draft.