Yee & Dubin Sports is a sports management and consulting firm located in downtown Los Angeles. The firm represents athletes, coaches and broadcasters in contract negotiations and career management and also serves as a consultant to companies conducting business in the sports industry. Yee & Dubin provides each of its clients with a high degree of personalized and sophisticated service.

Past and present Yee & Dubin clients include a wide range of sports industry figures, ranging from a Super Bowl MVP to Super Bowl Coaches to Olympic Gold Medalists. Our client roster reflects an eclectic blend of individuals at the top of their professions or industries. We are privileged to advise an exciting group of talent as they work to achieve long-term success in their chosen professions.



We have a long track record of providing sophisticated advice and career guidance to our clients.

We adhere to strict ethical standards in providing our services, and we are direct in our communication about what we can and cannot do.

We are wholly owned – we do not have any outside investors. Therefore, each client is assured that we answer only to the client, and not anonymous investors who may have different objectives than the client. We are client-centered, not investor-centered.

We are selective about our client relationships. Our selectivity allows us to be more responsive to a more select group of clients.



Yee & Dubin provides each client an effective blend of business acumen, experience, sophistication and judgment. We take pride in our work ethic, which has yielded a proven history of success in a variety of ventures. We take the time to understand our clients’ objectives, and during that process, we help each client understand his or her own capacity to assess and tolerate risk. By doing so, we put our clients in a position to make confident and wise business decisions that will allow their vision for success to become a reality.